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Monica and David Movie Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Author: Arnab Ghosh Writer: Jasmeen Kaur

“Monica and David” is a 2009 documentary made by Alexandra Codina. It focuses on the lives of Monica and David, two individuals with Down syndrome. The film primarily revolves around their wedding and post-marriage life, providing insight into their journey and the challenges they face.

The documentary highlights the progress made in recent years regarding the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome. It emphasizes that while in the past, the life expectancy for people with Down syndrome was significantly shorter, today, with specific programs designed to support them, they can lead fulfilling and well-adjusted lives. This progress is a testament to the importance of inclusivity and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Monica & David Review
Monica & David

The film delves into Monica and David's personal stories, including their childhood experiences and the abandonment they faced from their fathers. It sheds light on the heartbreaking reality that society often stigmatizes children with developmental disabilities, with David's mother even being encouraged to put him up for adoption when he was born. These stories highlight the societal biases and challenges that individuals with Down syndrome and their families must overcome. Throughout the documentary, the audience is immersed in the couple's wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. These moments are interspersed with interviews featuring Monica, David, and their parents. The film showcases the couple's daily lives, emphasizing their desire to lead normal lives as much as possible. It highlights their interactions with friends, their individual quirks, and even their banter about sex, challenging misconceptions that people with Down syndrome lack sexual emotions or needs.

The documentary also explores the support system surrounding Monica and David. It introduces their parents and provides insight into the difficulties they have faced and continue to face in raising children with Down syndrome. It touches upon their fears for their children's well-being and independence in a world that may not always treat them with understanding and respect. One of the documentary's central themes is the portrayal of individuals with Down syndrome in a unique light, showcasing their ability to express emotions, love, and family bonds that are often overlooked or underestimated. The film underscores the belief that, deep down, we are all the same, with shared desires for love, companionship, and a sense of belonging. Monica and David's love story serves as a poignant example of this universality, demonstrating their understanding, care, and support for one another.

The documentary depicts the intimacy and commitment that Monica and David share, challenging preconceived notions and stereotypes about people with Down syndrome. It portrays their understanding of marriage, their discussions about family, and their dedication to helping each other through difficult times. The film also highlights their pursuit of jobs to enhance their sense of independence. Overall, "Monica and David" presents a genuine and heartwarming portrayal of love and marriage in an unconventional setting. It celebrates the unique bond between two people with Down syndrome, proving that their experiences and emotions are no different from those of anyone else.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the film set out to capture the essence of love in an unusual place and manages to find it plenty and deliver a truly beautiful tale of two people in love.

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